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I made an agreement with this company that they would get my website to the first page of Google Yahoo and Bing for my industry keywords.

Not only did they not do that, but came no where close to finishing the project.. kept feeding me false promises to stall and stall until finally I got fed up with their NON RETURNED EMAILS, CALLS, OR MESSAGES.

They were also supposed to create and optimize 60 industry related lading pages which 9 were only completed.

They are only after their bottom dollar and have no concern for the advertiser.

It wasn't about the money.. they just don't have the knowledge and expertise to follow through with their promises and guarantees.

They did absolutely nothing but create a computer generated page that took only 20 minutes to complete and basically thought they could get away with doing just that for $15,000!

I will be taking them to court to get my money back and I am going to every single review site that exists to make sure that they don't try to rip anyone else off like they are trying to do to me. Horrible

business practices not to at least answer a phone call or return an email.

Monetary Loss: $15300.

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This is indeed an actual former client of ours. This former customer has charged us back with 2 different credit card companies (he paid us using more than one credit card), filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and filed numerous online complaints. To date, all credit card disputes have sided with our firm, and against the client. Here is why:

1) Our agreement to provide service, as signed by the client – which lists the specifications of the project were met. We built the landing pages as agreed, and optimized them as agreed. Today the clients website is coming up in the Top 10 results for several hundred keyword phrases that we optimized them for. Those keywords often lead directly to the landing pages that we've built. We have supplied detailed reporting as to this, and are happy to furnish these results upon request as a testament to our work.

2) We provided other non-related site updates and other work for the client at no charge. We even went as far as to create 2,500 extra pages for SEO purposes. We have documentation to support this as well.

3) We have strings of e-mails showing our communications with the client, as well as the clients satisfaction with our work. Equally important to note is the fact that the client is in the same shopping plaza as our firm - only 4 doors down. He was welcome to meet with us, as he had in the past, to discuss any issues. Our doors are open to the public. The client has chosen to avoid us for reasons unknown to us, and outside of the scope of our control.

4) The client has agreed with us verbally that we have significantly increased his search engine rankings and traffic to his website, and that he’s already made enough money from our services to more than pay for them, and continues to benefit

from our hard work.

We have completed the requested work, furnished the anticipated results, paid out our staff, overhead, and other expenses in full, and do not believe any additional action to be warranted by any of the parties. We furnished SEO results in a competitive industry that few of our competitors would have been able to, and provided significantly more work than was invoiced at no additional cost. We have also spent significant additional resources responding to chargebacks and negative public postings on top of that.

While we are distressed by this situation and wish that the client was much more satisfied and that we could come to terms, we are confident in the work that we provided the client with, and know that hundreds of other customers have hired us for similar work and been quite satisfied. In this case, the client is making money off of our hard work, and we are proud of the results of our internet marketing campaign.

We'd be happy to discuss this in further detail, and to provide additional information. Our phone number is 954-533-7362.


Rand Internet Marketing didn't disappear. We didn't move, and are still open the same M-F.

We furnished phenomenal SEO results for this client, and would be happy to share them!

This particular client is 4 doors down in our shopping plaza, and refuses to communicate directly with us. It's truly a shame, as his business has benefited greatly from our services, which we have stacks of data to prove.

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